A bridge between the hospital and/or other facility, or an unsuccessful home environment, to independence.

Family Environment

A small, structured, family environment focused on individualized attention, for adults 18 + years.

Central Vermont

Located 8 miles north of Montpelier, Vermont’s state capital; situated in a beautiful rural setting.

Co-Ed Community

Co-ed community - 8 Residents on premises, maximum.

Private Pay

Contact us for current rate.

Length of Stay

Recommended length of stay: 6-12 months.


  • Cultivation of insight, reflection and self-awareness

  • Creativity and self-expression through art, 
meditation, yoga, exercise, music, movement, and an organic, whole food diet

  • Carefully implemented healing steps that strengthen independence through interdependence

  • Identification and management of triggers and symptoms

  • Daily education and practice regarding healthy lifestyle choices: changing old habits and unhealthy patterns

  • Learning how negative behavior affects oneself and others

Specialing In

Accepting individuals challenged with

  • Schizophrenia

  • Schizoaffective Disorder

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Bipolar Disorder

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

  • Asperger’s Disorder

  • Trauma

  • TBI

Resident Feline, Gage

Resident Feline, Gage

Admission Criteria

  • Medication compliance (with any prescribed medications)

  • Ability to recognize personal medications

  • Thirty days of sobriety

  • Non-violence with self & others

  • Voluntary program - a willingness to participate

  • Most suitable for individuals who seek support in re-establishing independence in the greater community

Duck family

Duck family



Treatment Plan

Individualized Treatment Plan, created after intake, becomes a personal, goal oriented Direction Plan.

A Clinical Leveling System reinforces a smooth transition of independence into the greater community.

Optional Aftercare support is available in the greater community.


Medication oversight is done by trained staff in the clinical office.

Residents responsible for filling personal medication trays weekly with supervision of a Registered Nurse.

All medications (including OTC meds) are securely double locked in the clinical office.

Professional Team 

The Homestead’s Resident Director/Co-Founder lives on the premises & is involved with direct care service.

Our team also consists of our Program Director/Owner, Registered Nurse, House Manager, Yoga Instructor, Art Therapist, Personal Trainer, Chef & several Therapeutic Mentors.



Structured Programming 

Therapeutic Mentor staff are available for individual check-ins, as needed, and available 24/7.

Programming occurs 6 days per week, Monday through Saturday (Sunday is a day of rest): to include Art Therapy, Journaling, Mediation, Mindfulness, Music and Movement groups, Yoga and various opportunities for Group discussions.

Daily and seasonal chores to include: animal husbandry, gardening, snow removal, cooking, laundry and light house chores.

Afternoon Yoga

Afternoon Yoga

Adjunct Services (billed separately):

  • Psychiatric services for medication management & therapy (at Hanover Psychiatry)    

  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist available for supplemental therapy and DBT, as needed 

  • Weekly, private sessions with a Substance Abuse Counselor, if needed

  • Equine Therapy Sessions, by request     

  • Local practitioners are available to serve a wide range of alternative modalities including energy, body work, acupuncture and Chiropractic care 


Capital Building in Montpelier, Vermont

Capital Building in Montpelier, Vermont

Lake Elmore

Lake Elmore

Church Street in Burlington, Vermont

Church Street in Burlington, Vermont

Exploring Vermont

In our down time, residents and staff enjoy exploring the local attractions, which include:

  • Lake Elmore for swimming and climbing Mount Elmore

  • Montpelier, Vermont’s state capitol, for eateries, cultural attractions, art galleries, coffee shops and the wonderful Farmers’ Market

  • Our local reservoir for swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding and basking in the sun

  • Burlington, Vermont, for the shopping, great food and fun concerts

  • Lake Champlain by dinner cruise boat, paddle boats or simply enjoying the sandy beach

  • Shelburne Farms, Shelburne, Vermont, for a tour and fresh Vermont cheeses and breads

  • Ben & Jerry’s Originial Factory in Waterbury, Vermont, offers tours, fun activities, and of course, delicious ice cream treats - year round

  • Stowe, Vermont for their scenic bike path, Farmers’ Markets, quaint shops, fine dining and the Von Trapp Lodge

  • Vermont’s many hiking and biking trails during the summer

  • Vermont’s many ski resorts within an hours drive: Stowe, Sugarbush, Mad River Glen, Bolton and Jay Peak, to name a few

  • Snow shoeing or cross country skiing out our own back door - we have 100 acres to explore!

Snow Shoe Adventures at The Homestead

Snow Shoe Adventures at The Homestead

Shelburne Farms

Shelburne Farms

Stowe Bike Path

Stowe Bike Path

Montpelier Farmers’ Market

Montpelier Farmers’ Market