Our Method

Hundred Acre Homestead's Holistic Model of Wellness is Founded Upon Two Basic Principles

  1. There is a natural order to life. Everything grows and evolves in cycles. Well-being is achieved when an individual recovers his or her connection to, and finds purpose within, that order.

  2. To help an individual who is diagnosed with mental and emotional imbalance, one must meet that individual where they are, help them to define their own model of a healthy and purposeful life, and walk beside them on their path to wellness.

Our Program Consists of
Six Integrated Components


the mind

mental & emotional well-being

Hundred Acre Homestead is a safe place where individuals can learn to communicate the range of human emotions. We teach communication skills by example and role modeling, enabling the individual to manage internal challenges productively and express feelings openly and honestly in a non-threatening environment. Hundred Acre Homestead's adjunct staff of psychiatrists, psychologists and other therapists provides support in critical times of need.


Lobster Dinner HAH.jpg

the body

physical well-being

Healing requires the loving care of the entire Self. Hundred Acre Homestead's nutrition program consists of whole, organic foods, some grown and harvested on the farm. Participation in daily chores is complimented with yoga, meditation, relaxation, exercise and other physical activities designed to reduce stress and promote healing.

Hundred Acre Homestead offers smoke-free buildings.



the spirit

spiritual understanding

Hundred Acre Homestead respects and supports the broad range of pathways through which individuals discover their personal spirituality. Chosen for its natural beauty and elemental environment, our homestead fosters the appreciation of a power higher than oneself and provides the safety and freedom people need to find their own natural rhythm.




community living

Learning to live interdependently prepares the individual to move more positively toward independence. The contributions of each individual, from collaborative decision-making to individual effort, enhance The Homestead’s overall community.




taking responsibility for ourselves

Success is different for each person, but the feeling of pride that comes with accomplishment is universal. By providing a focused and supportive healing community, Hundred Acre Homestead gives people the courage and self-motivation they need to find their own strengths, meet their own challenges, and become the person they want to be, no matter who they are or who they have been in the past.




learning to live in gratitude

It is the ultimate goal, at Hundred Acre Homestead, to cultivate positive thoughts that promote healthy feelings which lead to a love for learning, healing and gratitude.