Krystal Barr

Therapeutic Mentor


Krystal joined the HAH care team in September of 2019. She comes to us with a Bachelor’s in Social Work, BA in Sociology and a Minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. Krystal has worked at Vermont Psychiatric Care Hospital, Washington County Mental Health and at The Lund Family Center in Burlington.


Deborah Betts

Co-founder / Resident Director


Deborah has been passionately driven by her dream to create a healing farm community for individuals who need support and encouragement to grow beyond their mental and emotional life challenges.  She is committed to a healthy and wholesome lifestyle and believes that balance is discovered and sustained for longevity when there is a direct connection to the earth, animals, expressive art and a nurturing environment that promotes a feeling of home.  She embraced this concept while raising her two children, Mariah and Evan, on an organic homestead in Northern Vermont.

Deborah’s enriched 35 years of professional work experience have been primarily in the field of Human Services with a strong focus on Early Education, Family Advocacy and Developmental Disabilities.  However, for the past eighteen years, she has had the privilege of working in the mental health field; committed to helping others learn life skills that will enhance their independence.  It is by Deborah’s design that Hundred Acre Homestead remains small in size, so that she can be personally involved in its Family Embracement ~ Healing Steps Recovery Program.

She had the good fortune of studying privately with Wesleyan Professor of Art, May Griswald, in West Hartford, Connecticut.  A designer of silver and gold jewelry, Deborah entered the craft market in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom and later, for private sale, in Camden, Maine.  Art still remains an instrumental healing tool at The Homestead because Deborah believes that within the safe place of artistic self expression, the outer world melts away and honest healing work from within can evolve.

Hundred Acre Homestead has grown from the union between one family’s need for quality care for their loved one and Deborah’s deep desire to share her life’s work with extraordinary and gifted people.  

Deborah is an active member of ARTA (American Residential Treatment Association) and NAMI Vermont (National Alliance on Mental Illness).


Jill Frink

Therapeutic Mentor

Bio coming soon!

Erin Magoon

Therapeutic Mentor/Horticulturalist


Erin joined the Homestead’s team in 2016 as Therapeutic Mentor and Horticulturalist.  Holding an AA in Resource Management and a BA in Wildlands Ecology, from Sterling College, Erin organizes and plans our gardens and cares for our fruit trees and bushes.

Erin enjoys facilitating yoga, leading hikes and snowshoe adventures around our hundred acres where our clients can learn about local vegetation and wildlife.  Living off the grid with her family, raising both vegetables and meat, she brings a background of farming to the Homestead, highlighting the importance of daily chores and routine for all the residents.

For the last decade a main passion for Erin has been running. She is currently training for a 50 mile foot race in March 2019. She is always happy for anyone to accompany her for a few miles around the Homestead.

Emma Manion

Therapeutic Mentor/Personal Trainer

Emma Manion has been a Therapeutic Mentor with Hundred Acre Homestead since June 2016 and is passionate about the wellness aspect our program encourages.  Drawing from her expertise in health and fitness (she's a Personal Trainer and Dance Instructor for a handful of studios and clients in the area), Emma mindfully coaches HAH residents through behavioral change.  She sees great value in our practice of setting daily intentions and gratitudes, checking in with mind and body through regular movement practices and plenty of time outdoors.  While Emma has reveled in city life, and for the past decade in San Francisco, she's elated to return to her native Vermont and reside in a summer cabin just down the road from HAH.


Kristin Marriott

Executive Chef


Kristin trained at the New England Culinary Institute in Vermont and did her internship at Canyon Ranch- a resort in Tucson, Arizona- specializing in Spa Cuisine. Back home she honed her skills for four years working in some of Stowe, Vermont’s finer restaurants. She credits her interest in cooking to her Grandmother, who inspired her while growing up in Jeffersonville, Vermont on the other side of Mt. Mansfield from Stowe.

Kristin’s desire to integrate her love of a nutrition-centered lifestyle with food preparation led her to become part of the Hundred Acre Homestead team, which she considers “the best job ever!” Kristin excels at offering healthy, organic meals that nurture and satisfy on every level. She is especially talented at creating unique and flavorful seasonings which make every bite a complex and many-layered experience.

Kristin easily caters to each resident’s food preferences and sensitivities, serving a variety of tasteful options at every meal. She also bakes wonderful bread and cookies, and makes fabulous desserts for special celebrations, like birthdays and holidays.Kristin Marriott

DeAnn Miller

House Manager/Therapeutic Mentor

DeAnn joined our team in January 2019.  DeAnn comes to us with 8+ years of experience working with individuals in mental health crisis and dealing with dual-diagnosis and substance use disorders. After spending three years working for Washington County Mental Health, DeAnn joined a Residential Treatment Community in Central Vermont and has spent the past 5 years leading a team of care providers.  DeAnn is NAAPI certified and trained in Trauma Informed and Vulnerable Adult care giving.

In DeAnn’s down time, she enjoys swimming, gardening and canning her harvest.  

Lauré Murphy

Program Director


Lauré Murphy has 25+ years experience as a Business Manager with a strong focus in Human Resources and Bookkeeping. Lauré joined The Homestead's team in October of 2014 by handling the facilities, program scheduling and human resources needs. When not at The Homestead you can find Lauré spending time with her family and friends, working in the organic gardens, baking, yoga, hiking, Crossfit, kayaking, mountain biking and skiing.

Lauré also enjoys volunteering within the community.  She serves on the Vermont Suicide Prevention Coalition, she volunteers with the PTN at her children’s school, serves as a Sunday school teacher at her local church.  Lauré is an active member of ARTA (American Residential Treatment Association) and NAMI Vermont (National Alliance on Mental Illness).

Johannah Tallon

Therapeutic Mentor / Yoga Instructor

Johannah is happy to be back living in the North Country after spending the past 10 years traveling abroad and around the country. She studied fine arts at Pratt Institute which has led to an overall curiosity to explore and live on the creative side of life. She has spent extended time in South America where she worked as a traveling portrait artist and studied traditional indigenous crafts and ways of living. These travels led her to continue her studies at The Evergreen State College in Olympia WA where she graduated with a BA in Art and Social Change. Since graduating from college, she has dedicated herself to a daily yoga practice and lifestyle, recently receiving her 200 hour Teacher Certification from Yoga Vermont. She enjoys connecting with people through movement and has recently begun to teach in the community. She is also invested in interacting with the natural environment and has spent the past several seasons working to grow organic vegetables and medicinal herbs. One of the ways she is currently directing her many interests is through studying herbalism and healing arts. She hopes to deepen her understanding of how to use daily practices such as diet, herbs, creative expression, and movement as a means of healing. She is excited to share these skills and intentions of living in a healthy, creative, and balanced way with the residents at Hundred Acre Homestead.


Nancy Van Dine

Director of Nursing


Nancy has been a registered nurse for over twenty five years practicing in the state of Vermont. She has been fortunate to have had a varied and always evolving trajectory, allowing her to have developed a broad knowledge base in medicine.  Nancy's career has had a concentration in maternal child health, pediatrics and family medicine, along with labor and delivery.  She has been a phone triage nurse in a  busy family medicine practice, a visiting nurse, the nurse in a residential center for pregnant adolesecnts, and most recently, as the lead nurse in a large high school.  

Nancy is nurturing by nature and enjoys being a caretaker.  She takes great joy in watching the healing process and personal growth evolve in those on their journey to a healthy and balanced life.  Nancy enjoys problem solving and organizing sytems.  She likes change and embraces challenge.

Nancy is interested in holistic medicine and she is currently studying to become a certified herbalist.  She also helps run a small, local gallery and contributes her own artwork there as well!