For individuals who choose life

"After many years of darkness, depression, self destructive patterns, substance abuse, a consuming eating disorder, and a suicide attempt that nearly took my life, I was reborn into a new plane of consciousness and ripe for a new outlook and new relationship with myself. The Homestead took me in and walked with me to build a strong inner core, understand and manifest self love, and physically, emotionally, and spirituality I began the life long healing process. Embracing this mind, body, spirit connection within a close knit, nurturing community, with the guidance of compassionate staff and mother earth, changed my life and gave me a sense of hope I've never had before. I would recommend this program to anyone committed to beginning or sustaining the path to well being. For individuals who choose life and have the self motivation to do the work the rest HAH can make happen. It is truly a protective, loving environment capable of working miracles."

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